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Nº70 Memorial 4 Zipper Purse PERSUADE

Nº70 Memorial 4 Zipper Purse PERSUADE

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Palm sized wallet with 4 zippers, each to a separate compartment for easy organization.

Printed special Edition.

In recent years we have see a clear shift towards online buying habits. As much as it facilitates the connection with those that share similar interest as much it prevents from visiting an extraordinary shop that is curated with the greatest care, dedication and passion that allows you to discover a kaleidoscope of the personal taste of its owner. With releasing a series of memorial 4-zipper purses that show print motives of our most beloved shops we collaborated with over the last 20 years, we would like to celebrate these special places and let the purses be gentle reminders for their future owners of a precious world out there that still exists, waiting for them to pass by.

100% Leather

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