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Nº08 Dog Bag

Nº08 Dog Bag

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Woven bag with dog motif

40 x 32 cm

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

The BLESS Nº 08 Found objects project is all about showing another alternative of doing collections in presenting found pieces and series with different identification symptoms. It's the direct sale of inspirations without copying, the pure presentation of objects which are ready to use. Making the offer of found objects in their various colours and motives as we can find them means to accept the reasons of limitation, defined by supply and demand of the market. The project is meant to be continued as long as we can find products we like whenever and wherever we are. The option is to share their functional aspects with the taste of BLESS and to integrate the objects in the personal collection of things. The first 3 presented options include a ''dripless umbrella'' collection, a serie of ''leather socks'' in different colours and sizes, and a ''landscape panorama printed bedsheet''

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